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Thousands of riders are expected at the Gran Fondo Il Lombardia 2018, but the headcount of participants is not the only large number to highlight: in order to guarantee the success and the safety of the event, hundreds of people will be involved in the complex organising machine. Some of them are already active in arranging the logistics of the race and handling the registrations, while many others will be in action around and during race day, distributing race numbers, guarding the course, managing the feeding stations and providing the many other things expected in a successful mass participation event.

Maximum attention – the organisers says – has been paid to the riders’ safety: this is the main reason why the time finish line has been moved to the top of the Civiglio climb and away from Como city centre, in order to guarantee that the whole Gran Fondo will be raced on closed roads.”

Attention to the riders also means guaranteeing them the correct feeding along the course: two feed points will be available, one at the top of the Ghisallo (km 54) and one at Pian del Tivano (km 70.5, just after the Muro di Sormano), plus the one at the finish line on top of the Civiglio.

At the end of the race the traditional Pasta Party will be hosted in the Technical Area (Viale Giancarlo Puecher, Como). Friends and family will also be welcome at the party, paying a small fee directly at the event location.