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It takes few secondo to the winners to recover the breath after cutting the arrival and answer to the questions.

Tired but happy, Paolo Castelnovo, winner of the 2017 edition and protagonist of the second edition: “It has been harder to prove myself once again! Despite the last year, I felt more pressure and the competition was definitely tougher. I tried to make the difference on the Wall of Sormano, but I saw that I’ve earned only 30’ and I preferred to wait for the followers, because that advantage didn’t guarantee to end the race alone. I decided to do an all in on the Civiglio climb and this strategy repayed”.

Regarding his time on the Wall of Sormano, Castelnovo is surprising: “I think it wasn’t my best performance: during the training I think I have been faster. But today I didn’t want to force in order not to be without energy on final climb”.

Sonia Passuti’s performance, first place in the women category, has something heroic: “ On the 22nd of July, in Sestriere, I broke my pelvis, but I wasn’t discouraged and I wanted to prepare myself for this race. I have to thank the doctors, who has been close to me and Simona Parente (winner of the 2017 edition) who encouraged me and supported me in the last months. Then, thanks to the organizers because this event is simply marvelous”.

Regarding her performance, Sonia says: “I wasn’t in the best shape. I put the foot on the ground during the climb of Sormano but I wanted to believe and focus on the constancy and this victory repays all my sacrifices”.