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Lilt at the Gran Fondo Il Lombardia

By 12 September 2019Gran Fondo

To raise male cancer awareness. This is the goal of the LILT sections (the Italian League against Cancer) in the Lombard region of Italy at the Gran Fondo Il Lombardia and at the Il Lombardia.

LILT purpose has been always that of raising awareness on early cancer diagnosis, prevention and assistance to cancer patients.

“Lilt for men” is to boost attention on prostate cancer to help men overcome the stigma they experience when talking about the disease.

Qualified information on risk factors and early detection are fundamental to fight cancer disease. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in male population in Italy with 35,000 new cases per year, it follows colorectal (15%), lung (14%), bladder (11%) and liver (5%) cancer.

The Lombard sections of Lilt support the Gran Fondo Il Lombardia and the Il Lombardia with the aim of raising attention on physical activity together with awareness on prostate cancer and early diagnosis.