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We have unveiled the official jersey of the Gran Fondo Il Lombardia. The garment, created in collaboration with Castelli, is a tribute to the Gran Fondo and to the pro race and will be included in the race packet of every participant in the 2019 edition.

The jersey is based on the Castelli Squadra FZ Jersey, a garment that — like a great domestique — can support you in a wide range of situations, from everyday rides to endurance races.

The Squadra jersey combines different fabrics and elements, each with a specific function, each designed to work best together with the others. The main fabric ensures lightness and quick drying; the perforated side panels enhance breathability; and the construction of the sleeves, with no seams at the ends, provides unrivaled comfort. The zipper and the structure of the back pockets, which faithfully reproduce the characteristics of the Team Ineos racing jerseys, complete the Squadra.

It has a clean design featuring a modern reinterpretation of the typical graphics of jerseys of the past. For a Gran Fondo linked to a race with such a rich history as Il Lombardia, it was a natural choice. A combination of greens recalls the symbolic color of the region, interrupted by a classic white band. The slogan of the event is placed on the chest, near the heart. Ride like a hero. Ride this Gran Fondo like a hero. It’s what Castelli wishes for every participant who will be at the start in Cantù on October 13.